Prestige Biologics’ CDEMO Service

Provides Best Solution for Biomanufacturing


specialized services focus on

Prestige Biologics’ state-of-the-art facilities are located in Osong biocluster in South Korea, fully compliant with global GMP requirements. The total production is 154,400 L, which is provided to customers through Full Single-Use System and ALITA Smart BioFactory.

Products derived from mammalian cells including antibody drugs, recombinant protein and vaccines

Process development and process engineering

Analytical method development and validation

Batch release test and product characterization

Engineering of customized manufacturing suite

Scale-up and commercial production

Regulatory documentation

Innovative Goal

Change the Way of Your Manufacturing to Enhance Efficiency and Productivity

Prestige Biologics Co., Ltd is a biopharmaceutical CDEMO (Contract Development Engineering Manufacturing Organization) that provides complete solutions to the development and manufacturing requirements in your drug discovery from early stage to product registration and commercialization.

Based on our fully established antibody drug & vaccine manufacturing capabilities, we now offer our upgraded CDMO service, CDEMO in which we provide customized engineering solutions for your manufacturing process in a customized manufacturing suite speed-built with our proprietary technology, ALITA Smart BioFactory™.