Management for Sustainability

Prestige Biologics is strengthening corporate sustainability based on ESG management.

Considering Environmental Effects

Workplace Campaign for Carbon Neutrality

Prestige Biologics is focusing on the development and production of biopharmaceuticals for the vocation of innovation for life, innovation for life. The core of management is the fact that these innovation innovations follow feasible technological growth and at the same time, social responsibility that can contribute. In order to contribute to the global environmental goal of net zero carbon neutrality, we are establishing environmental policies that are subdivided into short, medium and long term.

We have established energy saving measures in major workplaces and workplaces, established an implementation and evaluation system, and are implementing efforts to reduce carbon consumption in business sites, which can easily be overlooked, in earnest in 2023.

Technological innovation that can contribute to the environment

We are conducting engineering improvement research for energy savings in 4 biopharmaceutical production plants within 2 campuses, and are developing ways to reduce the amount of carbon that may occur in the customer’s biopharmaceutical production process. Alita Smart BioFactory technology contributes to minimizing the amount of energy consumed in bio-production processes by optimizing the connections between processes and between processes and equipment.

We are also conducting basic research to apply renewable energy. While securing technology that can utilize eco-friendly energy, renewable energy facilities and equipment must be able to have a positive impact on the environment in the long run. Prestige Biologics seeks to achieve feasible technological innovation through continuous efforts for Appropriate Technology that can contribute to carbon neutrality.

* Appropriate Technology: Ecological technology that consumes minimal resources in the process of production and use

Establishment of a stable supply chain and solidarity for carbon neutrality

Prestige Biologics is building sincere and trustworthy partnerships with major raw material suppliers to build a stable supply chain. At the same time, we are considering the environmental impact of the process of producing key items supplied through the supply chain and the impact on carbon neutrality. We consider the carbon consumption history of raw and subsidiary materials used in the process of producing biopharmaceuticals, and consider this an important criterion for supplier selection.

Supply chain considering environmental contribution

Prestige Biologics is building a stable supply chain through solidarity with global companies such as Cytiva and Thermo Fisher. In addition, through joint solidarity with suppliers, efforts are being made to produce products that can contribute to carbon neutrality.

Efforts to contribute to the environment through production innovation

Prestige Biologics continues to innovate various processes based on ALITA Smart BioFatory technology. We believe that these efforts will lead to important results in expanding the social contribution of the biopharmaceutical production process. Technological innovation is developing into a social contribution with the goal of carbon neutrality.

Practicing Carbon Neutrality through the Business Innovation Office

Prestige Biologics is making actionable carbon-neutral efforts within its business sites and manufacturing plants. We are making efforts to have a positive impact on the Earth’s ecosystem through our daily efforts such as saving energy, stopping the use of disposable products, introducing reusable products, and discharging recyclable resources.

Respects on Diversity & Inclusivity

Respect for diversity through understanding and inclusion

Prestige Biologics aims for a culture that respects and embraces individual differences. Creative competence can be demonstrated when the opinions and individuality of a minority are respected. We break down barriers that separate people such as gender, religion, and age, and respect the value that individual differences contribute to corporate culture. Job exchange events and cultural exchange events with Prestige Biopharma’s global campus, in-company sports competitions, employee empathy events to share joy in holidays and seasons, support for various club activities, and healthy labor-management dialogue events provide opportunities for human interaction. are expanding.

Understanding through exchanges between countries, regions and organizations

Prestige Biologics provides active communication methods between business sites of major corporations in Singapore, Seoul, Osong, and Busan. In order to strengthen mutual cooperation between executives and employees who are working closely together overseas and in various regions in Korea, SingKo exchange events between Singapore and Korea are being held, and technical, academic, and Cultural exchanges are also expanding. We support positive understanding and active exchange of knowledge among members so that the company can grow into an important asset for a sustainable future.

Expansion of a culture of growing together

Prestige Biologics offers a variety of academy programs that allow individuals to develop their expertise anytime, anywhere. Through various types of training programs, such as GMP Academy, Bio Production Academy, specialized lecture academy for each job, and external professional consignment classes, we help employees continuously grow into experts. Through sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience, a greater synergistic effect can be achieved, and through mutual exchange of knowledge and experience, a socially mature relationship can be created. In addition, these academy programs are provided as online library programs so that anyone can access them without restrictions of place and time.

Building a creative environment by respecting diversity

Prestige Biologics respects the diversity of our society, including human rights, women, countries, races, and religions. Through respect for diversity, we are building an organization that is open to individual and organizational creativity. Through a culture and management that respects diversity, we want to create a fair and equal future environment without discrimination.

A culture of understanding through multinational and multiregional exchanges

Prestige Biologics is building a deep understanding of various cultures, religions, languages and various people within the group connected to Singapore – Seoul – Osong – Busan and global regions. We are building a global environment for sustainable companies through exchanges between technology, academics, knowledge, and culture.

Expert growth programs through academies, etc.

Prestige Biologics supports all executives and employees to grow as experts in their respective fields. We are nurturing growth-type programs that can help you grow as experts, such as in-house GMP academy, specialized courses for each job, library-type online classes, and outsourced training for each job.

Activation of communication channels through the company newsletter

Prestige Biologics publishes a company newsletter. In addition to job information such as the company’s main management activities, departmental business activities, and internal academic information, it serves as a window to create a connection point for mutual understanding such as event information, clubs, and individual interviews for convergence between global campuses.

Transparency of Governance

Expansion of management transparency audit organization

Prestige Biologics has voluntarily established and operated an audit committee to ensure that the external audit and monitoring function works properly. In addition, we have established a level that is more stringent than the standards set by law, and we have upgraded our audit organization for outside directors and other non-executive directors. An organization that can improve governance transparency is an important system for creating a sustainable future for companies. In addition, the company’s major management activities and major changes are provided transparently to receive objective judgment on a regular basis.

Securing financial soundness and compliance with accounting standards

Prestige Biologics complies with management related to financial accounting to comply with the Act on External Audit (External Audit Act) of stock companies, etc. Through compliance with the External Audit Act, we are making efforts to secure transparency in corporate financial accounting and expand corporate reliability externally. In addition, by operating a risk management organization based on corporate financial modeling, we are preparing for current and future financial scenarios in advance. As a result of these risk management activities, Prestige Biologics has attracted an investment of KRW 45.5 billion from Singapore’s Octava Fund, a major institutional shareholder, in March 2023. By securing such financial soundness at an early stage, we have contributed to building stable relationships with major domestic and foreign partners.

Transparent IR and PR guidance

Prestige Biologics establishes guidelines for transparent information disclosure and confidentiality related to IR (investor relations) and PR (public relations), and continues activities in line with these strong policies. In addition, IR-related laws and major education are regularly conducted for executives and employees, and companies are doing their best to provide sound and transparent information to investors and to create an investment environment that provides mutual trust in the capital market. In addition, through non-deal roadshow (NDR) and IR pages targeting major institutional and general investors, we are making management activities that provide fair information to all investors.

Expansion of transparency through the establishment of a voluntary audit committee

Prestige Biologics has established and is operating an audit committee that can objectively and transparently monitor and supervise corporate management activities. By operating an independent external audit system, we continuously supervise potential risks in corporate management.

Financial modeling through risk management organizations

Prestige Biologics operates a risk management organization to create an environment in which financial risks can be predicted early. Through financial modeling, we are trying to discover risks that may occur now and in the future, and to prepare preemptive measures for them.

Employee training on IR and insider information

Prestige Biologics conducts regular IR-related education and campaigns for transparent management of internal information for executives and employees. We strive to continuously maintain a healthy and sound investment environment in the capital market and continuously improve the external investment ecosystem for companies. We are enhancing the soundness and reliability of corporate management through transparent and equitable information disclosure.

From clinical development to commercial production

Prestige Biologics provides various services such as analysis service, clinical development, clinical sample production, clinical secondary packaging (double-blind packaging), process development, and commercial production. We respond flexibly to the needs of customers of various needs, such as CDO, CPO, CMO, and CEO. We are also always open to partnerships that develop potential.