Budget Estimation Program

CPO Budget Estimation Program

3 Week Budget Estimation for
CPO Service

Prestige Biologics provides secondary packaging services tailored to customer requirements, complying with EU and US cGMP standards in the packaging procedures.

In accordance with stability criteria, we establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for each project in compliance with cGMP regulations and ensure compliance.


Process of CPO Budget Estimation Program 

The CPO program follows the process outlined below

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CDEMO service that contains the DNA of innovation in CMO and CDMO

The rapidly evolving pharmaceutical environment poses challenges in accurately forecasting demand. Prestige Biologics’ CDEMO services leverage the proprietary ALITA Smart BioFactory™, an adaptive engineering solution, to provide a tailored manufacturing suite for customer products.

From technology development and production at the clinical stage to commercial production supporting high competitiveness, we offer suitable technology and production suites according to your needs.

Open-door Policy for customer

Prestige Biologics has adopted an open information sharing policy to foster close collaboration for providing customer-centric services. Through our open-door policy, we actively engage in resolving key issues arising during the development and production processes, playing a collaborative role with our partners to successfully achieve shared objectives.

We believe in fulfilling our mission of contributing to technological growth and impacting patients’ lives together through the customer service goal of ‘Growth through Openness.’ We are committed to embracing the journey of growth hand in hand with our partners and contributing to the mission of improving patients’ lives.

From clinical development to commercial production

Prestige Biologics provides various services such as analysis service, clinical development, clinical sample production, clinical secondary packaging (double-blind packaging), process development, and commercial production. We respond flexibly to the needs of customers of various needs, such as CDO, CPO, CMO, and CEO. We are also always open to partnerships that develop potential.