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Prestige Biologics is expanding state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for CDMO services

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Virtual Tour of CDMO’s Newest Support Facility

To secure CDMO competitiveness through innovation and provide high-quality pharmaceuticals to customers, Prestige Biologics is establishing state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. ALITA Smart BioFactory technology model is being flexibly applied to the features and purposes of the main facilities. Each of the four bio-pharmaceutical production plants on two campuses consists of individual suites for Upstream Process (USP) and Downstream Process (DSP). Additionally, to expand the available capacity to accommodate various products for different customers simultaneously, we are establishing a closed production system and aseptic connection system.
The Single-Use System incorporates Single-Use Bioreactors and Single-Use tools, as well as applies the Single-Use System to parts sensitive to cross-contamination, such as tubes connecting the processes.
Furthermore, we standardize a 2,000 L bioreactor size, which optimizes the productivity of the cultivation process for antibody drugs and animal-derived cell protein drugs. The main suite includes a standard production system and engineering technology that can quickly respond to rapidly changing demands and requirements for biopharmaceuticals. This aims not only for the economic efficiency of pharmaceuticals but also to build an ideal model of a customer-centric biopharmaceutical supply chain. The key objectives are to achieve rapid production response, quick technical transfer, reduction of commercial production preparation time, scale-up studies for optimizing processes, risk mitigation through control of cross-contamination, worker safety between production processes, and improvement of yield optimization.

Upstream process in Plant 2

Downstream process in the 4th plant

Upstream process in the 4th plant

DP process in the 2nd factory

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From clinical development to commercial production

Prestige Biologics provides various services such as analysis service, clinical development, clinical sample production, clinical secondary packaging (double-blind packaging), process development, and commercial production. We respond flexibly to the needs of customers of various needs, such as CDO, CPO, CMO, and CEO. We are also always open to partnerships that develop potential.